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Andalotto the Baby Tiger

…a friendly tiger cub. In the mountains he loves to stroll and eat “Nonna Papera” pasta in his bowl.

He wishes the children a lovely day, then gives them lots of fun games to play!

Every day in summer and winter he organises guided outings: for enchanted family adventures with sunny trails and snowy mountains.


Andalotto says good morning

Children, I look forward to seeing you every morning to wish you a fantastic day to the rhythm of music! Let’s dance together to the sound of my little song, to energise ourselves before the activities in the open air.


Let’s explore the mountains!

It’s time to pick up our backpacks, take mum and dad by the hand and set off on a new adventure. After breakfast, we’ll set off on a journey of discovery along mountain paths and trails suitable for everyone… including your little brothers and sisters in their strollers!


It’s time to fill our tummies...

…with Andalotto’s Menu. Oh yes, children… you’ll find lots of very tasty dishes here. I chose them myself. We can also eat together in a little dining room reserved for us, and have fun while having a delicious bite to eat! Why don’t you show mum and dad the menu?


What game shall we play today?

I’m the King of the Mini Club! I organise games, creative workshops and swimming pool activities for you every day from 9 am to 10 pm, so that we can laze in our cosy little beds until late.


3, 2, 1… Andalotto Party

What merrymaking at the Astoria! After dinner with the Baby Dance and the shows. And remember children… there are two roaring evenings together with me: are you ready to party?

Baby artists, let’s get to work!

Sweet little tiger cubs, what do you think about making some space for colour? Here are a few images to download and colour, to create a colourful photo gallery. Please make sure you make me look great!

images to download

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