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Hotel for families, restaurant for families. In Trentino, of course.

In our hotel for families in Trentino, special care is taken even at mealtimes to ensure that you and your children have all comforts and conveniences and to make you feel at home.

Our cuisine: from Trentino with love

We dedicate ourselves to the cooking with passion, because our aim is to make you feel good and to allow you to appreciate typical Trentino products. In the restaurant at our hotel in Andalo, we choose fresh local products: each day has a different taste! We take special care of those who have allergies or special dietary requirements, and we are always able to offer a choice that's right for you.

Children, food's ready!

Children are the protagonists of the holiday in our hotel for families in Trentino, and for this reason we always consider them in a special way even at mealtimes. How? By preparing a delicious tasty and, above all, healthy menu. From Mediterranean cuisine to typical Trentino dishes, in the restaurant at our hotel in Andalo, children will find something special every day.

Assistance during meals because we are a hotel for families

In our hotel for families in Trentino, the holiday is for the parents too! For this reason we've decided to help you, allowing you to enjoy your meals in peace while our staff of experts look after our youngest guests. Lunch with assistance from Monday to Saturday and from the age of one upwards all children can participate.
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