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Hotel for families, restaurant for families. In Trentino, of course.

A magic spell that we like to repeat every day, to amaze you all with dishes that can tell the story of our land.

The members of our kitchen staff do not just shop and cook, but they choose the best local and Italian basic ingredients, strictly season, and turn them into three always extremely fresh menus: traditional, creative and vegetarian. There is also the Andalotto Baby Menu, reserved for our youngest guests. And anyone suffering from food intolerances, will certainly not get bored when dining with us! Get ready for the magic!

Fragrance of breakfast

Every morning our internal pastry shop bakes fresh cakes and fragrant bread, that fill the breakfast room with warm, delicious aromas. The served buffet also includes eggs, cheeses, cold cuts, jams, freshly made waffles, fruit, cereals, extracts, fresh orange juices and much more. We make alternatives for those suffering from coeliac disease.

Gourmet dinner

In the kitchen we love to use our expertise to play with the basic ingredients and flavours, creating three menus that will be conveniently served to your table. There are a few rules we never mess with here: quality, professionalism and study. Whether your choice falls on the traditional, the creative or the vegetarian menu, get ready for an extraordinarily high-level gourmet experience. For those suffering from food intolerances too.

Are you in the mood for an authentic lunch?

We like to leave you the freedom to choose whether to have lunch here with us, or dedicate your time, without time constraints, to the activities you love the most, from hiking to skiing, walks with your children or outings by bike. However, if you decide to taste our cuisine at lunchtime too, you will always enjoy the same high quality you find at dinner at a special fixed price: € 15 for adults and € 10 for children.

Dining with Andalotto...

Enjoy your meal, children! Get your tummies ready, because Andalotto the mascot has chosen a super menu for you! Simple dishes, but all freshly cooked with the products of our land. And you know what? From Monday to Saturday you can eat in the private little dining room in the company of the entertainment team and the other children. That way, we’ll let mum and dad have some peace and quiet…

What would the afternoon be...

…Without an afternoon snack? Upon your return from the excursions or organised activities, it’s time for freshly baked cakes and focaccia breads from our pastry shop. A little break before going back out to play, spending the afternoon in the Spa or running to the pool to dive in all together!