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The five senses of fun

Do you know what the secret of happiness is here at the Hotel Astoria? We organise every space and activity by observing fun through the eyes of children! In this way, we have created a made-to-measure world of bright colours, lively music, authentic flavours, imaginative games and experiences to remember forever!

More than a Mini Club...

13 hours of waking dreams! Every day, the entertainment staff takes care of your children aged from 4 years and over, from 9 am to 10 pm.

Games in the hotel, in the swimming pool, in the garden, creative workshops, mini tournaments, baby dance, activities and themed evenings with the mascot all fill the Astoria with good cheer!

And what about the babies?

Toddlers from 1 to 3 years of age have special play and learning needs. That is why the sweet nannies at our Baby Club, organise activities from 9 am to 2:30 pm, and then in the afternoon, after a little nap, from 4 pm to 6 pm.

At the table with Andalotto...

…And a little room with the entertainment staff is reserved for meals for the youngest children aged 1 year and over, where mum and dad can only enter if accompanied by their toddlers! Here, toddlers eat in the company of new little friends and the mascot, choosing from the tasty foods offered on the Andalotto Baby Menu. And if you have a baby in the weaning phase, you can arrange with our kitchen staff to have their favourite baby food made.

Can we organise your holiday for you?

If, of course, you want us to, either in summer or in winter! From Monday to Saturday there is a rich programme of guided outings by bike, walks and experiences, suited to all. A mixture of simple trails – also suitable for strollers – and technical ones. Everyone starts off and ends together, but you can split into two groups during the excursion: amateurs and experts. We take care of everything: we accompany you through the activities and, if necessary, we book restaurants and tickets.

Children-oriented Trentino

Adventures for children and youngsters, together with the alpine guides. Every day, there are experiences in the open air, always different and exciting, excursions allowing you to discover the secrets of the mountains, visits to wildlife and nature parks, sports activities in the Andalo Park and in the snow in winter. You don’t need to worry about anything: the children choose what they want to do and we make the booking!