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Astoria: the hotel in Andalo with Spa

In our hotel in Andalo with Spa, your wellbeing is not just a detail of the holiday. To relax both your body and mind, the wellness centre Attica offers all the services of a true family Spa in Trentino.

To give you the chance to relax, your children can take part in the activities organized in the Mini Club or play in the swimming pool with our entertainment staff.

Family spa in Trentino: all the means for feeling good

Here's what you will find in the wellness center during your holiday at a hotel in Andalo with Spa. Not just any old hotel, of course, ours.

KNEIPP 7°-39°: Alternating hot and cold jets of water on your feet will give amazing benefits to the blood circulation.

SAUNA 80°-100°: The dry heat will stimulate healthy sweating to cleanse the skin and eliminate toxins. The alternation of this heat with the cold shower that follows has beneficial effects on the circulation and on blood flow. Facilitates relaxation and promotes sleep.

Jacuzzi: a gentle soft massage generated by water, to pamper body and spirit.

TURKISH BATH 45°-48°: steam helps to regulate pH and hydrate the skin. The addition of natural essences results in a pleasurable and beneficial aromatic bath that improves the respiratory functions.

TROPICAL RAIN SHOWER: with maracuja essence and orange chromo therapy, it will leave your skin smooth and perfumed.
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