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The most beautiful walks with baby strollers in Trentino: in Andalo, family excursions

Mountain walks with baby strollers? In Trentino it's possible!

Who says you can't go walking in Andalo with a baby stroller?
Of course you can! Andalo is equipped for mountain holidays with the children, and offers many opportunities for walks with children who are not yet walking and need a stroller.
You can rent baby carrier rucksacks and country strollers in the hotel for your outings.

We will guide you on the discovery of our territory on routes suitable for walking with children and strollers, we will cross the plateau of Paganella and the Adamello Brenta National Park, the largest protected area in Trentino.

We propose here a selection of the most beautiful walks with strollers in this area of Trentino.

Andalo-Madonna di Loreto (vivaio forestale)
Maso Ghezzi, maso Cadin, maso Moro, maso Priori
Andalo - Tana dell'Ermellino rientro alternativo
Lago di Bior e rive Lago di Molveno
Giro Lago di Andalo 2
Maso Toscana e lungo le Villette, Maso Monego
Maso Ghezzi, Maso Cadin, Maso Pegorar
Molveno-Baita Ciclamino

Andalo - Tana dell'Ermellino
Andalo - Molveno
Giro lago di Andalo
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