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A skiing holiday with the children? In Andalo, of course!

Yes, it’s true… you don’t need to move your car from the garage, because we are just 300 metres from the ski lifts, and you can get there on foot or by taking the free skibus that stops right in front of the hotel. The ideal opportunity for taking the children to the most beautiful slopes of Paganella reserved for them, where the instructors of the Paganella Ski Style Association are waiting for them.

Children, let’s all go to the slopes

There are 7 blue slopes for children on which they can learn to ski, as well as 4 School Camps. Two are located in Andalo and two are at high altitudes: in the village, on the slopes of the Laghet and Rindole chairlift, there is a moving walkway, as well as at a high altitude, in the locality of La Rocca. In the Prati di Gaggia locality, there is a 4-seater chairlift.

Mum, dad.... coming through!

The first downhill runs are so exciting! And there’s no better locality than Andalo for skiing with the children. In the Andalo Paganella ski area, you have 6 blue slopes at your disposal on the Andalo side: Sant’Antonio 1 and 2, Skiweg Lo Scoiattolo, Skiweg Conca d’Argento, Cacciatori 1, Salare, and one on the Fai side, the Meriz.

Winter break with the children

Learning to ski in Andalo is really easy, thanks to the instructors at the Paganella Ski Style Association. You can get to the slopes in just a few minutes, where children take their first steps on the snow, in complete safety: the Andalo Ski School offers you a 10% discount. And if you don’t have any equipment, don’t worry: you can rent it from Sportlifee, our trusted partner.

Not just skiing!

Wintertime in Andalo is not just skiing, but also a series of fun activities for children and youngsters of all ages. Here, there are as many as three theme parks: Dosson Baby Park at 1480 m, the Kids Gaggiapark and Biblioigloo at 1333 m, the new Maso Effo Baby Park, at the Andalo Life Park. Your children can enter all the parks with a single ticket!