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An action-packed program for your family holiday in Trentino, in summer and in winter!

family holiday in Trentino will never be forgotten. Not only because you spend your holiday together in an enchanting location, but also because by choosing our hotel in Andalo you will have access to so many services for families.

In our family hotel, parents need not worry: during the holiday, we will take care of your children's entertainment with the help of Andalotto the baby Tiger and the rest of the staff, who organize the Mini Club, games, assistance during meals with a special menu dedicated to children and lots of outdoor activities! Not to be missed are the fun dinners with our entertainment staff: on Tuesdays Cotoletta (Chop) Party, on Thursdays Pizza Party, and on Fridays a Tasty Dinner.

Andalo for children in summer

Have you chosen the summer season for your family holiday in Trentino? You fill your rucksacks with energy and the desire for adventure and we will provide useful services, organized activities, and a dream location... so you have the perfect combination for a family-sized holiday in magical Trentino!

 A good start to the day every morning: Andalotto the Baby Tiger awaits you to greet you with cuddles and to wish you a wonderful day!
Muscular awakening will ensure you are ready to enjoy every instant of the Trentino summer.
We will accompany you on exciting and adventurous excursions in Trentino and to explore nature by mountain bike. Every day you can go on beautiful walks and take part in exciting activities in the town of Andalo.

And in our hotel in Andalo for families you'll never be bored! In the afternoon while the children have fun in the miniclub with our entertainment staff you can relax in the hotel's wellness centre or join other guests for a few hours of rhythmic water aerobics.

In the evening, Baby Dance for our youngest guests and Show Time for everyone! Our staff never tires of entertaining you with captivating and entertaining shows.

Winter in Andalo, with the children

On holiday in our hotel, Andalo offers its best for families, even in winter. You won't have to do anything, just let yourself discover winter in Andalo with walks in the snow, moments of pure freedom and action on the beautiful ski slopes of Trentino, exciting trips on bobs or snowcats and romantic carriage rides.
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