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Organized excursions in Trentino, with Activity Trentino!

For your organized excursions in Trentino, you can rely on ACTIVITY TRENTINO, the action-packed weekly program of outdoor activities in which you can participate FREE OF CHARGE (only Activity+ requires payment).

From 15 June to 12 September, we offer 13 weeks of organized excursions in Trentino and outdoor activities with expert guides in Andalo and surroundings.

Check out the full Activity Trentino program for the summer of 2016!

What can you do on an active holiday in Trentino?

  • Family Lab: workshops for the whole family, guided visits and orienteering.
  • Trekking: excursions organized in Trentino and on the Dolomites, for all tastes and levels of difficulty.
  • Wellness Lab: Nordic walking sessions in nature.
  • Activity Plus: special activities with reduced prices like the vie ferrate on the Dolomites, mountain bike excursions or the Brenta Crossing. 

How can I participate in the activities organized by Activity Trentino?

Staying at the Astoria you can access a series of outdoor activities for all ages. On your arrival at the hotel, we will tell you how to sign up and our professionals will present the complete program, advising you on the activities that will suit you best.

Who are the professionals of Activity Trentino?

Alpine guides and tour escorts in the territory of Trentino, mountain biking instructors, Nordic walking and canoeing instructors. All qualified professionals ready to offer you a quality service, based on experience, professionalism, safety and friendliness.

Book an active holiday in Trentino for you and your family! Check out availability now!

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