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Astoria: a beauty spa for your holiday in Trentino

If a beauty spa is a prerequisite for your holiday in Trentino, the Astoria Hotel is the place for you. Our wellness center is ideal for families with children: while you take the time for your body care, the children can play and have fun with the entertainment staff.

At the Astoria Comfort Hotel a world of bodily pleasure and peace of mind awaits you. During your holiday in our hotel you can let all your tensions go and create space for deep relaxation, leave all your cares behind you and dedicate yourself to your body, restore your mind and feel free to be!

Face and body treatments

Our beautician Sabina awaits you for personalized beauty treatments. You just have to sit back ... and let yourselves be pampered!
Here are our proposals for face / body treatments:
The world of massage
Anti Stress Massage
Skilful maneuvers and manual expertise will help you let go of tensions and create space for relaxation. A gentle and delicate touch to awaken pleasant memories in the body and relax the mind. For your health and happiness!
Draining Massage
Promotes relaxation and drains liquids helping to remove toxins and regenerate tissue.
Connective Massage
Muscle massage, acts mainly on the muscles, relaxes the muscle fibers and improves movement procuring a feeling of complete well-being.
Massage with Candles
Let yourself be pampered with cocoa butter and aloe vera.
Body treatment
Rice milk treatment
The multiple properties of rice milk used directly on the skin! Rich with precious essential nutrients it favors the elimination of toxins toning the skin and leaving it smooth. Rice milk scrub + relaxing massage with rice milk oil.
Chocolate treatment
An unforgettable experience for Cocoa lovers. Indulge in the sensual aroma of this relaxing treatment, your skin will thank you. Chocolate Scrub + Anti-Stress Massage with Chocolate oil.
Apple treatment
A treatment rich in mineral salts and vitamins, it's also diuretic and helps purify the body, giving freshness and radiance to your skin! Apple scrub + relaxing massage with Apple oil.
Face treatment
Specific face treatment
Look younger and healthier! A treatment rich in active ingredients applied with a professional method restores the skins correct balance.
Active Oxygen treatment
Bio available and anti-oxidant oxygen are pure repairers. A treatment that stimulates the skin cells for a radiant complexion.
Regenerating Package
1 Chocolate treatment
1 face treatment with Oxygen
1 relaxing massage
Relaxing Package
1 Rice milk treatment
1 face treatment with Oxygen
1 partial relaxing massage
Wellness Package
1 welcoming rice milk scrub
3 free entrances to the wellness centre
1 specific face treatment
1 Anti-Stress massage
1 Draining massage
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